Demolition and reconstruction of a building located in Messina

The project involves the construction of a building with four elevations f.t. over three underground floors, to be used for parking, warehouses and offices.

The variations made to the original project derive from the discovery of two archaeological sites on site. In accordance with the prescriptions of the Superintendency for Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Messina it was therefore decided to eliminate one of the planned underground floors and to create a different organization of the spaces around the aforementioned sites, also modifying the frame structure of the building, passing from reinforced concrete elements to steel elements.

From the point of view of the structural model, the work realizes the scheme of frames with rigid nodes with welded joints and columns bound at the base to the foundation beams by means of steel plates and anchor bolts; the anchoring to the ground is foreseen with reinforced concrete elements able to ensure the stability of the entire structure to all the actions foreseen by law. Open-type sections were chosen for the various members, while the use of a corrugated sheet metal floor is envisaged for the walking surfaces.

Project data

CUSTOMER: Private Construction Company
AMOUNT OF WORKS:€ 3.360.000,00
SERVICES:Structural calculations