Protection and rehabilitation of the Mamaia coast

Protection and rehabilitation of the southern part of the romanian Black Sea coast in Mamaia south area (Romania)

Mamaia beach is located along the Romanian Black Sea coast, north of the city of Constanta, and is the most important touristic beach in Romania and one of the most important in the entire Black Sea.

The overall objective of the Project is to improve both the beach general conditions and the ability of the protection of the stabilization structures, along a longshore length of 1,200 m that is the most eroded part of the littoral cell defined by Constanta Port structures (south) and Midia Port jetties (north).

Dinamica performed a full and detailed shoreline evolution numerical model, that showed the erosion trend and supported all design choices. Several tests have been performed in order to make the shoreline evolution induced by coastal protection scheme compliant with the target shoreline, increase the effect of coastal protection structures and reduce the need of additional sand nourishment, through increasing effectiveness of protection structures and beach fill volume as well as optimization of beach fill distribution.

The Project includes the following works:

  • Beach recharge, for beach rehabilitation and erosion protection;
  • Rubble mound structures: rehabilitation of two offshore breakwaters, building a new connection structure and a shore-connected main groin, and n. 6 stabilizing sand-filled geotubes shore-connected groins, buried within the recharged beach.

The Final and Detailed Design has been approved on August 2013. Works were completed in 2015.

Project data

LOCATION: Constanta (Romania)
CUSTOMER: Coastal Basin Authority of the Dobrogea Region
AMOUNT OF WORKS:€ 9.643.742,64
SERVICES:Definitive and Detailed Design and technical assistance during the execution of the works