Rehabilitation of the existing north quays and deepening

Works to adapt the existing north quay section to the new north quay sections under construction and relative deepening of the seabed in the port of Gioia Tauro (Reggio Calabria).

The Port of Gioia Tauro, located along the Tyrrhenian coast of Italy, is a remarkable multi-purpose maritime infrastructure in the South of Italy, widely used in the commercial routes through the Mediterranean Sea.

The general strategy of the Port Authority is to improve the capability of the facilities in order to assure operative berths for the big commercial ships.

The project will provide a remarkable rehabilitation of the quays “E” and “F” in the north sector of the internal basin. These quays have been constructed in the 1970 and need a deep reinforcement, in order to assure the necessary stability with the new depth of the basin (-14,00 m above mean sea level).

The Works are briefly described below:

  • Dredging of the seabed until -14,00 m above m.s.l.;
  • Jet grouting under the new seabed near the quay in order to improve mechanical parameters of the ground;
  • Rehabilitation and structural consolidation of the vertical wall of the quay;
  • Positioning of a submerged reef at the toe;
  • Construction of a reinforced concrete horizontal connection with active permanents rods;
  • New quay pavement;
  • New rainwater disposal system

Project data

LOCATION: Gioia Tauro (RC)
CUSTOMER: Port Authority of Gioia Tauro
AMOUNT OF WORKS:€ 6.378.284,18
SERVICES:Executive Design – Design Safety Coordination