Rinella Port Master Plan - Salina Island (Aeolian Islands)

The Port of Rinella is located in the south-western coast of Salina (Aeolian Island).

The Port of Rinella is located in the south-western coast of Salina (Aeolian Island).

The Master Plan of the Port of Rinella is intended to provide the official planning policies, consistent with a general statewide purpose, for the development of the existing maritime facilities, establishing the guidelines to direct the future development of the Port.

The Plan is designed to better promote and safely accommodate touristic vessels as well as fishing boats, hydrofoils and Ro-Ro ferries, improving and optimizing the existing structures and creating physically separate basins depending the use of the berths.

The Plan also provides for additional public recreation facilities consistent with sound and compatible port planning.

Starting with an efficient SWOT analysis, the Plan identified #8 strategic guidelines and related general solutions; trough the optimization process the Plan provides the final layout solution, able to satisfy the needs and assure at the same time the lowest impact on the environment.

The new Works are:

  • a new main upstream jetty
  • elongation of the existing jetty and his general rehabilitation and conversion to secondary (downstream) jetty
  • maneuver basin
  • public square with yachting club
  • internal pier for physical division of areas (commercial/touristic)
  • internal pier for connection the public square with the quay on the landside part of the new main jetty
  • floating pontoons for touristic boats mooring
  • Seaguard office
  • crosswalks
  • rehabilitation and renourishment of the beaches outside the new port

Project data

LOCATION: Rinella (Municipality of Leni, island of Salina)
CUSTOMER: Municipality of Leni (Island of Salina – Aeolian Islands)
AMOUNT OF WORKS:€ 52.340.000,00
SERVICES:Port Regulatory Plan – Masterplan – Feasibility Study – Technical Economic Feasibility Project