Tourist port of Capo d'Orlando

Completion Works of Capo d’Orlando Marina – Yachting Harbour (Messina).

The infrastructure is located in the oriental sector of Tirrenian coast of Sicily, near the town of Capo d’Orlando.

Dinamica made the Maritime and Port works final and detailed design and have been appointed as Works Direction Office (supervision, measurement and accounting and safety coordination during execution) of all the works (maritime and civil, structures, facilities, roads).

Maritime works consist in the completion of the existing basin, while renourishment (beach recharge) works are located in downstream sectors that present strong coastal erosion issues.

Works to be carried out are listed below:

  • Extension and rehabilitation of the existing main jetty;
  • Building of a submerged groin for seabed stabilization;
  • Secondary jetty completion;
  • Construction of Internal quays and Dredging of internal basin;
  • Floating pontoons, Yachting club, Reception and all other facilities;
  • Works of water regulation at the mouth of the torrent Bongiorno;
  • Beach renourishment of eroded littoral sectors downstream.


Project data

LOCATION: Capo d’Orlando (ME)
CUSTOMER: Tourist port of Capo d’Orlando s.p.a.
AMOUNT OF WORKS:€ 43.121.062,35
SERVICES:Definitive and Detailed Design, Construction Supervision, Safety Coordination, Design and Execution