Upgrading of water supply, aqueduct, fire and irrigation

Upgrading of water supply, aqueduct, fire and irrigation systems of Lentia building – Vulcano Island (Aeolian Islands)

The affected area is mainly spread over a portion of territory characterized by a regularly steep trend on the western side of the island of Vulcano, and in particular within the tourist-residential village “Lentia”.

The works to be carried out consist in the adaptation of the hydro-sanitary systems serving the condominium, including the supply pipe from the municipal tank (to be built from scratch), the fire-fighting system and the garden irrigation system both for exclusive use and in common use.

The main objective is to definitively differentiate the water networks for civil uses from those for “non-human” uses and at the same time provide the condominium with an adduction pipeline directly served by the municipal aqueduct.

Sinteticamente le parti d’opera prevedono:

  • Creation from scratch of the adduction system from the condominium meter up to the existing tank located at the top of the condominium (the plant involves the construction of a intake tank built adjacent to the meter, equipped with a forced adduction system, consisting of 2 alternating operation pumps);
  • Construction of the water distribution system for sanitary use to the users starting from the condominium cistern (the distribution, also forced with the aid of 2 pumps, will take place through the installation under the track of a network of mesh pipes locks and related branches to users equipped with meters);
  • Construction of the pool supply pipe (sanitary use) from the condominium cistern;
  • Creation of fire-fighting system (by placing a hydrant in a special “hose reel” type housing, providing for it the creation of a network of high-density polyethylene pipes with forced feeding with water from the condominium well);
  • Construction of an irrigation system (made with heat-welded polyethylene under-track pipes, starting from the condominium cistern, also using the water from the well in this case).

Project data

LOCATION: Island of Vulcano (Municipality of Lipari)
CUSTOMER: Lentia condominium
AMOUNT OF WORKS:€ 364.498,38
SERVICES:Definitive – Executive Design